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Forest Data Collection

Logic FSL undertakes all aspects of forest mensuration and data collection. This complements our harvest planning and engineering services as we offer a full preharvest service package to our clients. All data is collected using the latest technology - an Allegro MX, via Bluetooth, using Plotsafe data capture software.

Services offered:
• Establishment:
  Planting QC
  Releasting QC
• Silviculture:
  Pre-assessment data collection
  Post assessment QC
• Mid Rotation Inventory (MRI)
• Pre Harvest Inventory (PHI)
• Trial establishment and measurement
• Permanent Sample Plot (PSP)
• Biosecurity plot establishment and measurement
• ETS (FMA plot data collection)
• GPS – forest boundaries and area calculation

Recent projects include:
• Mixed species trial establishment
• East coast preharvest inventory, including MRI and PHI
• Extensive field validation work for ECPP