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Forest Management

Successful forest investment is based on the initial key components of forest establishment with consideration given to economic, social and environmental benefits.  These include:

  • land acquisition
  • proximity to log markets & labour resource
  • topography/terrain
  • species choice
  • silviculture regime
  • risk management

Ongoing Forest Management is largely about protecting your investment and minimising your risk.



Services offered:

  • Acquisition and establishment of new forests for carbon sequestration and/or production commercial forestry.
  • Desktop valuations and carbon modeling analysis
  • Land acquisition assistance and due diligence
  • NES aforestation applications and associated harvest planning
  • Alternative species selection and allocation
  • Land preparation
  • Suitable contractor engagement & management
  • Forest establishment
  • Silviculture and tending
  • Forest measurement & data colelction
  • Pest control
  • Community relations

Experience includes:

  • Establishment of east coast carbon forests with the following species mix: p radiata, redwoods, eucalyptus regnans, eucalyptus fastigata and douglas fir.
  • Set up and establishment of trial plots using alternative species (to monitor potential carbon species)
  • Establishment and ongoing management of large scale p radiata forest
  • Management of large scale cutover resestablishment
  • Contract NES aforestation applications
  • Data collection and assistance with special projects
  • Indigenous revertion management
  • Establishment funding applications


“Logic Forest Solutions provided a full forest management service to Craigmore Forestry Ltd, which included a large scale mixed species planting (predominately P.rad but with longer term Eucalyptus species selected for specific sites) programme over a 4 year period. New land establishment of around approx. 4,500 ha were successfully established in the Gisborne East Coast region, for both commercial forestry investment and Carbon sequestration.

Land preparation included tracking, vegetation removal, weed control, pest control, fencing and good communication and support with departing previous land owners. Detailed operational planning was required to co-ordinate a 50 man strong team with tree uplift and deliveries in to steep remote hill Gisborne Hill country in mid-winter ground conditions which proved challenging, but was successful due to selection of the right staff and contractors adopting a team approach to ensure all parties win.

Good professional management at the establishment stage sets the right foundation for a successful long term investment to the shareholders as this project did”.

Bryan McKinlay - Craigmore Forestry Ltd