Logic FSL

Harvest Management

 After large capital investment in both land and trees an efficient, well planned harvest operation is essential to maximise financial returns and minimise exposure to environmental and health & safety risks.

Logic will tailor a Harvest Management solution that takes into consideration all factors with the clients needs paramount. Our service is fully transparent with an open book policy where every detail is reconciled and reported.

Considerable work goes into pre planning blocks so that the client has the most information available to make informed decision.


“Koutunui Forest is a family owned forest block 100 km north of Gisborne.
Logic Forest Solutions managed the harvest and replanting of the block for my family over the period 2014-2018.
It can be quite a stressful business to get your forest harvest right because it only happens every 26-28 years or so. You only get one bite of the apple so to speak. As the person responsible for ensuring a successful outcome of the harvest for my family I found Logic suited my approach. I tend to ask a lot of questions about everything and I value open communication.
I found that my questions were answered in a factual, straightforward and transparent way and I was able to have input into the final decisions. The team at Logic gave good advice, had local knowledge and behaved in a professional but down to earth manner.
There were a few hiccups along the way such as the price dip in 2015, but we were able to navigate our way through that in co-operation with the logging contractors. It turned out to be a profitable harvest.
It is easy to lose money even in the good times through bad decisions on roading or delays at inopportune times but the Logic crew steered me around these pitfalls and acted to mitigate potential problems I had concerns about.
We have built up a good rapport and Logic continue to manage the last of the replanting on our block. I would have no problem working with them again should another forest harvest opportunity arise.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard, Ben, Matt, Dean and the rest of the team at Logic to any forest or woodlot owners as forest harvest managers and as general forest managers.”
David Olsen - Koutunui Forest