Logic FSL

Forest Engineering

Detailed forest engineering consists of technical design and implementation for critical areas of infrastructure, key to maintaining efficient and compliant harvest access and operations.

Forest Engineering is a high cost component of a harvesting operation and therefore requires close management of costs and any potential adverse environmental impact.

Services offered:

  • Road survey & design using Lidar or conventional survey
  • Road layout using highly accurate Trimble Geo7X
  • Accurate volume calculations for contractor unit pricing 
  • Crossing designs & associated fresh water consents applications
  • Aerial quantity surveys
  • Road construction supervision & management

Experience includes:

  • Critical road design & analysis (switchbacks, end hauls calcs. & crossings)
  • Aggregate stockpile surveys
  • GIS custom mapping
  • Cut & fill using RoadEng to assist in NES/RC applications
  • Aerial waterway surveys, pre and post harvest
  • Quarry & river run extraction surveys