Logic FSL

GIS Mapping

As forestry specialists accurate, informative maps are vital to every facet of our operation.  This skill effortlessly transfers to other industries.  Technology such as UAV/Drone footage allows us to obtain current data which is available as tailored reporting to clients at the touch of a button.

As users of ESRI ArcGIS provide the most powerful mapping and analytical software available on a secure, cloud based system.

Services offered:

  • GIS mapping - paper maps to Geodatabase
  • GeoMaster Data input and stand recording
  • UAV/Drone imagery
  • Land use feasibility and terrain analysis
  • Customised mapping and reporting
  • Online tailored dashboard


Experience includes:

  • Large Estates
  • Private Woodlots
  • UAV/Drone cutover assessments
  • 1BTI & ETS mapping and analysis
  • Dashboard development