Logic FSL

Health & Safety/Environmental


As Principals, the forest owners are ultimately responsible for Health & Safety and environmental compliance of forest operations.

Logic takes the well being of all involved in each operation of forestry very seriously.  We have an in-house H&S specialist who monitors our systems pragmatically ensuring they are current, realistic and effective.

Services offered:

  • Health & Safety system management
    • Tailored design & implementation 
  • Health & Safety systems/operational audits
  • Safetree accreditation assistance
  • Environmental field monitoring
  • Aerial drone audits pre and post harvest
  • Environmental policy implementation & monitoring
  • Contractor pre engagement audits
  • H&S and Environmental site supervision
  • Farm Systems Audits

Experience includes:

  • Contractor H&S system development
  • Specific contract H&S management
  • H&S and environmental auditing as part of Harvesting contract supervision
  • Assistance with Contractor ACC WSMP & Safetree accreditation 
  • Contract systems audits