Sustainable and responsive forestry practice

At Logic Forestry Solutions we’re helping protect forest ecosystems alongside timber production, land management, and the long-term health of the environment.

We bring the latest scientific understanding and insights to the job of managing your forest, while meeting your investment needs, and maintaining the integrity of forest ecosystems.

We’re planning for and planting natives and long-term species for clients at a time when communities are more impactful on where and what type of trees are planted.

Our expert team can help you balance the need for new forest planting (afforestation) using species like redwood, manuka and eucalyptus.

Let us help you understand your forest growth and how it applies to each ecological site type. 

Learn more about Logic's commitment to sustainability.

Logic is proud of its long-term involvement in new forestry conversions such as this one at Mahia. Around 220ha of manuka was planted in 2020 for the dual purpose of commercial honey production and carbon farming. The four-year-old manuka will in time play an important role in re-vegetating slopes and providing an excellent nursery for other growing native plants.

Services include:

  • New forest development (afforestation)
  • Native planting
  • Resource consents
  • National Environmental Standards (NES) applications
  • Permanent native land use assessment and establishment
  • Catchment planning and mapping
  • Drone surveys and orthomosaic maps
  • Estate planning and risk assessment
  • Field monitoring
  • Riparian planning, establishment, and management
  • Drone audits pre and post-harvest
  • Environmental policy implementation and monitoring
  • Site supervision
  • Farm systems audits
  • Land and soil risk classification
Harvest planning
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Harvest management
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Forest engineering
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Forest and land use management
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Health and safety
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GIS mapping
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