Forest engineering

Problem solving in our natural environment

Forest engineering combines our engineering knowledge with our geospatial and geotechnical skills. It’s not just about designing the work to be done, like roading infrastructure, 
it’s also about ensuring we minimise the impact on the environment. 

We’ll combine detailed technical design with close management, so you have an efficient and compliant harvest access and operations. 

Services include:

  • Road and landing survey and design using LiDAR or conventional survey
  • Road layout using Trimble Geo 7X
  • Road design and analysis
  • Aggregate stockpile surveys
  • GIS custom mapping
  • Volume calculations for contractor unit pricing
  • Design and freshwater consent applications
  • Aerial quantity surveys
  • Catchment and culvert design
  • Road construction, supervision, and management
  • Quarry and river run extraction surveys
Harvest planning
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Harvest management
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Forest and land use management
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Health and safety
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GIS mapping
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